Attention Veterans and those who have veterans in their families!

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Have you taken the time to document your military service?

Do you have a veteran in your family that has not documented their service?

Defending Freedom, Journal of a Veteran is the book for you!

Many veterans never document their story for various reasons.  Some are shy, some think their story is not important, others just prefer not to talk about it.  This is a tragedy because so many veterans pass on and their stories are lost forever.  My book  is a guided journal for veterans to document their military story.  Divided into logical chapters with instructions for each chapter and inspirational quotes on every other page, Defending Freedom makes telling the story very easy for the veteran and provides the family with a neat, bound account of their loved one's military service. 

Furthermore, recent medical evidence suggests journaling is therapeutic for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and US Army chaplains have adopted my book for a pilot journaling program.  The book is designed to be small and unintimidating even to the most reluctant journaler.  For those who discover that they are fond of journaling, the book is supported by the website .  It is free; simply register and leave your military stories for all to read. 

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