The American Revolution





James Brownlee of Dennygall (Donegal) Turnpike, Washington County, Pennsylvania served under Capt. Erwin and Colonel Miles from April 1, 1776.  He fought at Long Island, White Plains, Brandywine, in both battles at Trenton, at Princeton, and at Germantown.  He was discarged at Valley Forge January 17, 1778.  He swore, when discharged, that he had received for 1778 no more clothing than one coat, one waistcoat, one pair of breeches, four shirts, and four pairs of sox.  March 1, 1777, he is listed as a private in James Carnahan’s Company.  His widow resided in Donegal Turnpike in 1814.  John’s discharge was burned when the Indians set fire to his cabin; Joshua Dickerson swore that the above statements were true when Brownlee’s widow applied for a pension in Westmoreland County, PA in 1829.

William Brownlee (b. 1749) served as a private in William. Leet’s Company, 3rd Battalion, Washington County Militia (Pennsylvania).

Ephraim Fenno , born 15 June 1734. Was a Lieutenant and a Captain  in Colonel Lamb's Artillery in the Continental Army from 1 January 1777 until 31 December 1779. Was reported a POW of the British on 17 January 1780 in New York.

Elijah Fenno born 30 August 1757. He lived in the Fen house now at Sturbridge. It  was built in 1704. He married Abigail Smith who was first cousin to Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams,President of the US.
Oliver Fenno , born around 1755. Served throughout the war and was a sergeant.
Was light complexioned and 5' 11" tall

The following were all my ancestors and from Massachusetts and served in the Continental Army.  However, I do not have the military service information on them:

Jesse Fenno, born 7/23/1760
Charles Fenno , born July 22, 1751
Benjamin Fenno , born 9/8/1749

Ebenezer Fenno , born 8/31/1743

Joseph Fenno , born 1/1758
Samuel Fenno , born 7/5/1745

Ephraim Fenno born in Newton, Mass around 1759. He was also light complexioned and was 6' 1" tall.



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