WWII Relics Found in Lambsborn







In March of 1945, an element of the 26th Infantry Division came down the ridge road leading from Rosenkopf.  Since Lambsborn was a designated West Wall town and contained 35 bunkers, there was a temporary garrison ready to defend.  An American tank was hit with a Panzerfaust at the ridge cross roads and a firefight ensued.  The Germans suffered 3 KIA, but the town fell quickly because the Americans entered from an unexpected angle and the bunkers were of no help in the fight.  I am an experienced relic hunter and have been hunting American Civil War relics with my father since I was in diapers.  I brought a metal detector to Germany and these are some of the things I have found.  I have also found some dangerous things, but I left them alone. 

.50 Calibers from American strafers.  I have heard many of my neighbors talk about the time the American Fighter plane shot the cow.

German 8mm casings.  The rough extractions are the mark of a MG; either a 34 or a 42.  Most all of these were found from the same firing point. 

German coin purse.  You can see the swastika on the green coin on the far right.  I have found quite a span of coins from WWI to Weirmar Republic, to 3rd Reich, to more modern. 

From top to bottom, the remnants of the top of a bayonet scabbard, a piece of leather off a bayonet frog, and finally, the remains of a 98K pouch. 


The remains of a stick grenade.  The bottom cap with screw threads for the cover, the fuse that screwed into the base of the head, and the head of the M24 stick grenade.  If you look closely, you will see that there is a fragmentation sleeve on this one. 


Water bottle dated 1938 and a mess kit used for target practice.  The mess kit was one of the first things I found here and I saw it laying in the leaves.  I knew there was relic hunting in my future and sent for a metal detector from Virginia. 



MP 40 stick magazine. 


Top section of a MP44 magazine.  Thin iron like this is hard to find because I am using a discrimator to skip over nails and other small junk. 

The tube is a  launcher from a 60 meter Panzer Faust.  The two cones are from the noses of a 60m or longer range Panzerfaust.  I don't know why the cones were detached, but I found two of them and compared them to a weapon at a gun show.  They are the real deal.  I am just wondering if this is the launch tube that knocked out the American tank. 


Danish Maedson 8mm Light Machine gun magazine.  Apparently, the Germans used many of these guns in their Volksturm and other second echelon units.   



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