Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas

Airshow 2-4 Nov 2007




This is an incredible event.  It is once a year.  Check out their website for event information at : http://www.randolph.af.mil/


Click Any Pic for Enlargement

F15, Warthog, and Thunderbolt in formation

P-39 Aerocobra

Corsair and Mustang in the background

Wings folded on Corsair

One of only a few left.

Guns on the Glacier Girl

Glacier Girl

This is the P-38 that they recovered in the 90s under the glacier in Greenland.

Hellcat in flight

Hellcat on the ground

B-25 in flight

B-25 Mitchel


P-51 Mustang "Gunfighter"

In for a landing

The Gunfighter


B-17 Thunderbird

B-17 Cockpit

B-17 Bombadier Postition

The Thunderbird comes in for a landing

B-17 Bomb Racks and Catwalk

Waistgunner on B-17

B-17 Ballturret

One of only a few, this one made in May of 1945

B-17 Landing

Refueling the T-Bird

Texas Trainers in Formation

Thunderbold in the air.

Cranking up the wheels.


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