Lambsborn Germany

2nd Echelon

 of the

German West Wall


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Remains of one of the 35 bunkers in Lambsborn.  Lambsborn was designated as a defensive town and lay in the second echelon of the West Wall.  The bunkers were built in 1936-1939.  Hitler himself visited here in 1938 to inspect them. After the war, the French made sure most of the bunkers were dynamited into piles of concrete and rebar.  A few still survive complete, but the heavy rains keep them mostly filled with water. 


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Backside of one of the more complete bunkers.  With my metal detector, I have found US cartridge cases from 30-06 and 30 Carbine around this bunker.  I also found a Nazi coin and a dog tag from one of the Polish POWs that the Germans used to dig connecting trenches along the military crests of the hills. 


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Front side view of the bunker.  It was destroyed by order of the French after WWII.


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"Dragon's Teeth" in the Spring.  There were two large belts of these tank obstacles connected by a flood area.  Either route, tanks would get stuck.  The hills overlooking were bristling with anti-tank guns. 


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Dragon's Teeth second view.

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