German Bicycles At War!

Finally, Some Wheels!

My New Machine

This is a 1950 dated Swiss Bicycle that I bought from Deutsch Optik.  It was in exceptional condition.  I need to change out the tubes to standard Schrader Valves.  The front tire would not hold air, so I replaced it with a 26 x 1.9/2.15 per recommendation of my local bike shop.  It came complete with the tool bag and an assortment of tools plus the original key for the built in bike lock.  I got the 1943 dated German Ammo Box from a gentleman in Missouri on Ebay and fabricated the brackets to mount it as well as the grenade mounts.  

Front view as it arrived.

Side view.

Ammo box mounted with fabricated brackets.

Test ride by my son. Somehow he thinks he will do most of the riding at the next re-enactment.

Left Side

Ammo box can carry a 250 round machine gun can or grenades.

Replica plate. WL is for Wehrmacht Luftwaffe.

Right side.


Ever since I found this awesome dogtag, I have been collecting photos of Germans using bicycles in WWII.   Below are various photographs of Germans using bikes.  According to some of the Dutch that I know, when the Germans retreated, they stole every bike in Holland that they could find!  If you have any other photographs, please send them in.  This is a blossoming area of WWII research! 

Panzerfaust Bike on display at the Luxembourg National Military Museum.







Photos of Bikes at War.  Click any picture to enlarge! 



Click any picture to enlarge! 

These pictures were submitted by Adrian Tackman from Copenhagen.  He is the proud owner of this Elite-Diamant.  This Danish firm was pressed into war time service by the German Government and produced Bayonets and Bicycles for the Wehrmacht.  He recently obtained this rare bicycle and is restoring it.  Good luck Adrian!

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