General George S. Patton Jr.

(November 11, 1885 to December 21, 1945)

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    Fort Knox, Kentucky features the "General Patton Museum" primarily because Fort Knox was the Home of Armor and Cavalry.  Times change, and so does the Army.  Today, Fort Knox is an Adjutant General (Personnel) post and they train other entities such as National Guard and ROTC.  The home of Combined Arms (Infantry and Armor) is now Fort Benning, GA.  Apparently, the Patton family was outraged at the move and refused to let the family artifacts move to GA.  I don't blame them.  At any rate, the displays have become even better.  Believe it or not, several vintage tanks have been found in Iraq junk yards and have been brought to the museum.  Below is just a sampling of what is there.  It is worth the effort to visit.  

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Patton Command Truck....he was RV before it was cool!

Inside the Patton RV.

Patton's luggage and tankers jacket. On the chair rest the gloves with which he slapped the soldier.

This was Patton's 1930's uniform he designed. Friends mocked him as the "Green Hornet".

Pattons famous leather jacket and helmet.

Close up on the left sleeve shoulder insignia.

Close up of his stars. You can see where there were 3 and now 4.

WWI dog tags. LTC George S Patton Jr, Tank Corps.

Old Blood and Guts posed in front of his staff car. This is the restored car in which he had his fatal accident.

Patton's helmet liner, holster and belt rig, and his famous ivory gripped Colt Single Action Army.

Left side of the famous shootin iron.

Right side of the same.

pattongrave.JPG (108088 bytes)

Final resting place for General Patton.  Luxembourg military cemetery, City of Luxembourg. 


German Vehicles on Display at the Patton Museum:

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Command Car

STUG III recovered in a swamp in Eastern Europe. This is a new aquisition.

Front of STUG III. This is the same type vehicle that Otto Heigel operated in Liter, Hungary.

Tiger 2 (Also called Tiger Royal or King Tiger) captured in the Battle of the Bulge. It belonged to the SS.

Tail of the King Tiger.

US Army cut away the vehicle to study it. The Germans had the some of the best tanks in the world.

Panzer MK5 "Panther". This one was put together from a standard turret and an experimental chasis that there were only two produced.

Rear hatch on the Panther.

German "Schwimmwagon" or swimming vehicle.

Marder II tank destroyer, with the high velocity 7.62cm Pak 36


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