European War Cemeteries

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    German war cemetery adjacent to the US cemetery outside of Luxumbourg City.  The Germans are buried six deep under the single crosses.  There are 3 names on the front and 3 on the back.  The center large cross has a mass grave.  One of Otto Heigel's commerads from the 1st SS is buried in the mass grave.  There are lots of unknowns in German cemeteries.  If you have ever seen a German Erkennungsmarke or dog tag, you would know why.  Men only had numbers and it was often assigned in a replacement regiment. Most of these war dead were gathered by the Allies and laid to rest.  Recovery of war dead was not a priority in the Third Reich. 

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  The German government does not pay to upkeep; private donations and volunteers are their only resource. 


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Bottom name is Ein Deutscher Soldat (A German soldier) there are also 3 names on the back of the cross.


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More German war dead in Luxumbourg.


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The shore side walk in Normandy at the American cemetery.  This walk was featured in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. 


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American heroes in formation.  You can look at these crosses at any angle and they are flawlessly aligned. 


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This is the cross that the family kneeled in front of in Saving Private Ryan.  Notice that the name is "Miller" which is the same name as the fictitious character in SPR, Captain John Miller played by Tom Hanks. 


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Omaha Cemetery.  This was the location of President Bush's speech during the 60th D-Day celebration. 


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Cemetery in Luxumbourg City adjacent to the airport.  This is worth seeing, General George S. Patton is buried here.  See his grave General Patton.


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Jewish soldiers have this grave marker.  It is tradition to place a stone from Israel on the markers.  When this happens, the American Battlefield Commission replaces the stone with a piece of white marble to keep the native stones' mineral content from leeching and discoloring the pristine white markers. 


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BG Roosevelt, Teddy's nephew.  He was the BG who was told to stay off the beach during D-Day and went anyway.  He died a month later with a heart attack.  All recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor have gold fill on the lettering of their markers. 

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At the conclusion of WWII in Europe, the families of the deceased had the option to leave them buried in Europe or move them to their location of choice in the United States.  1/3 of the fallen Americans were left on the soil that they had died to liberate.  You can see a map of all the WWI/II cemeteries and memorials by going to http:/


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