Bergen Belsen


This is the camp where Ann Frank died.  Not a death camp, but the conditions and starvation killed countless captives.  During the war crimes trials, the SS men and women claimed it was the Allies fault for cutting the supply lines.  The people of the nearby town claimed they knew nothing.  This place is now silent and dead; you won't even see a bird fly over the complex of mass graves.  The British liberated this camp and the bodies were buried in the numerous mounds; 2,500 corpses per mound and there must be 35 mounds.  This only accounts for those who died during the last days of the camp.  The exact number of dead will never be known.  One of the best testimonies in Western Europe to the scale and severity of Nazi cruelty.  To their credit, the German Government requires all school children to visit a Concentration Camp in attempt to educate and combat the deniers of the Holocaust.  In Germany, to deny the Holocaust is illegal.  Ann Frank's tomb stone is symbolic.  She is actually in one of the mass graves; unknown but unto God. 

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