Stalag Luft 1

Barth, Germany






During my 3 years in Germnay, I had two major goals. 1: visit the crash site of my Uncle Larry's B17 and 2: Visit Stalag Luft 1.  Unfortunately, a severe skiing accident left me without an ACL and following knee surgery, I was unable to make the trip to France to see the B-17 crash site.  However, our last road trip in Europe was a long one and I was able to see Stalag Luft 1 in what was East Germany. 

Windmill in Northern Germany

It is cold and wet here. Mostly swamp, an escaping prisoner would have to follow the rail, road, or steal a boat. Not sunny Bavaria

Barth Germany

The only tourist here are former POWs and their families. This is BFG.

Local German

.This guy was concerned when we were looking around his town. He was suprised we spoke German. Mainly wanted us to know that the people of Barth were not Nazis and that they didnt have anything against America. A nice guy who showed us where the camp was located.

A map on the new monument

This was actually a complex of seperate camps. All of them were in the swamp.

Access Road

This is the supply and service road that ran to the East of all the camps. The camps were all located to the left of this road.

An old memorial from the British

Translation: This plaque is dedicated by the citizens of Barth and the Royal Airforce Association of Former Prisoners of War on 28 SEP 96 to commerate all those held as prisoners in Stalag Luft 1 located here between July 1940 and May 1945; captives were from Great Britian, the United States, their allies from the occupied countries and the Soviet Union. Nothing has been forgotten.

Side 2 of the new monument.

This is the triangle monument and obviously built very recently.

Side 3 of the monument

Luftwaffe Bunker

This bunker was located in the woods at the beginning of the access road. It guarded the entrance of the camp and the access to the Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft gunnery school.

Different View

Same Bunker



Swamp Woods

This is all that is left of the actual compounds. The soil is wet, the water table is mere inches below the surface. Not a place to dig holes in.

German Jackboots

I am a scrounger and can find some sort of relic in all circumstances. Here are the remnants of some jackboots. They goose step no longer.

Misc Relics

This kind of stuff is under the leaves, but you have to look for it.

More relics

a wash basin from the camp

Swamp Shoreline

It was here that my Uncle Larry looked for shell fish and found an ancient Lunate Cresent Viking hand knife 60+ years ago.

Another view

More of the same shoreline. Not friendly and you would not want to go swimming.

Water Treatment plant

Not much has really changed. The dogs still bite to the death.


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