Shootfest 2008

Fort Hood, Texas

2nd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment (Texas)

The 2nd Fallschirmjaegers spent this last weekend honing their warrior skills at
Schuetzenfest 2008; a live-fire event where they qualify with their assigned weapons
and compete for the coveted Schuetzenschnur Lanyard.   5 Jaegers were able to meet
the exacting standards.  With a bulls-eye of only 8 centimeters, the Jaegers were
given 20 rounds of ammunition and had to accumulate a minimum of 125 points at
distance up to 225 meters.  The top three Jaegers were also awarded a unit trophy. This
year, the third place honor went to Al Kline.  As usual, Dan Hermann and Joel
Johnston were neck and neck for top honors.  After a first round and identical
scores, they then went to a shoot off.  Johnston achieved a respectable 177 points
while Hermann shattered the standing company record of 180 with an incredible 185
points.  Following the rifle competition, all Jaegers were trained on the operation and firing  of the recoilless rifle and the 2 cm Flugzeug Abwehr Kannonen.  The final training event was the firing and operation of the US M-3 Grease Gun, the Machine Pistol 40, and the
Sturmgewehr 44.  The weekend was safe, fun, and most importantly, produced better
trained and deadly Jaegers.  See the jaeger's website at TXFJR2.COM