Eagle's Nest and Hitler's Bunker Beneath Obersalzburg




Berghof (Hitler's House on the Obersalzburg): Halfway up the mountain from Berchtesdaden was the Nazi Party village of Obersalzburg.  Hitler had rented a small house there during his exile and when the Nazis came to power, they confiscated all of the property on the mountain to build the village.  After the war, most of the structures were destroyed except those that had belonged to private citizens prior to the war.  Hitler's house was known as the Berghof.  He spent much time here, and the British probably could have sniped him when we went on his daily, predictable hike in the woods.  It was bombed at the end of the war and completely razed after the war.  There are no signs, this is something the locals are not proud of.  You have to look for the ruins.  They are directly across the road from the Turk hotel, about 100m into the wood line.  As you can see, there is little left. 

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The Turk Hotel (Formally part of the SS Baracks guarding the Berghof): This is the Turk Hotel.  It stood prior to the Nazi confiscation.  During the war, the SS used it for a barracks.  They were guarding Hitler who was a mere 100m away.  The Turk hotel partially burned during the bombing of the Berghof.  After the war, the rightful owners came forward and were granted their property back.  This is one of the few structures spared during the war.  There is an amazing bunker complex under the entire mountain and the entrance is through the Turk hotel.  They charge 4 euros to go down to the bunkers.  It is worth it. 

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Bunker Complex Beneath the Turk Hotel: Beneath the Obersalzburg was an amazing complex of bunkers and tunnels.  These connected all of the Nazi official's houses including Hitler, Bormann, and Goering.  Every tunnel is guarded with machine gun nests.  The tunnel had a filtration system for gas attack.  Now, only about a third of the tunnel system is open.  It is the portion below the Turk Hotel due to the fact that it is private property.  The rest had been bricked shut.  However, it is fascinating to visit.  Some pics a bit fuzzy due to lighting. 

Stairs down from Turk Hotel.

Bottom of the stairs, approximately 30 feet below the mountain.

The tunnel goes even deeper.

Tunnels have mold.

Firing ports from the outside. Two are for MG34/42s and the other is for observation.

Stairs up to one of the machine gun nests. Not easy to take out (unless you have a bazooka).

Inside of the firing ports.

Detail of MG mount inside the machine gun nest.

Tunnel under Hitler's house bricked up.

Says, behind this wall were the bunker rooms for Hitler, Eva Braun, and their doctor.

Bullet holes in the wall. The 506PIR had to clear out the krauts.

MG nest taken out by the US paratroopers.


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The Eagles Nest (Kehlstein Haus):  This tea house was given to Adolph Hitler for his 50th Birthday.  At the bottom of the mountain is Berchtesgaden.  Halfway up the mountain is the Nazi village known as the Obersalzburg where the top Nazis had their homes to include Hitler, Goring, Bormann, plus a host of SS barracks and defensive perimeter.  While Hitler only went up here a hand full of times due to the fact that he was afraid of heights and had vertigo, Eva Braun often stayed here.  Apparently, having a mistress was somewhat of an embarrassment during certain political and diplomatic events.  In  the last episode, the ridiculously old COL Sink gives the order for 1st battalion to "Take the Eagles Nest" before the frogs get there.  The movie set is very accurate.  Today, you can enjoy a schnitzel and beer up there, but it is only open in the summer due to the ice on the roads.  You can not drive there, you have to take the tour bus.  It is worth it. 

View of eagles nest from the Obersalzburg which is halfway up the mountain.

This is the tunnel entrance which goes into the mountain 100m for an elevator to the top.

Given to Hitler for his 50th birthday in 1938. His 56th birthday was celebrated in his Berlin bunker and was a real blowout (with a Walther PPK).

Bronze door where US soldier from C Co, 20th Engineers scratched his name in 1945.

Soldier from 100th US Division, 1945.

Looking out the 100m tunnel from the end.

End of tunnel leads to this domed room with elevator door.

Inside the very large brass elevator. Notice the 1940s phone.

Fireplace in tea room.

Stairs to kitchen and bar

Inside restraunt. Good Schnitzel and beer, average price. Nothing hiked upl

Massive windows from tea room.

View of Eagles Nest from the higher peak

This is the gallery where both Hitler and E Co 506 have enjoyed the view.

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