Das Boot Movie Set

Munich, Germany


        During my time in Germany, I was able to visit the Bavarian Film Studios.  It is located outside of Munich and is not visited by too many Americans.  In fact, our tour was in German and we, the ugly Americans, turned many heads.   Here are a few pictures of the movie set for Das Boot.  All of the water scenes were either shot in a lake or the swimming pool.

     This is the "Lake Model".  It is about 24 feet long and a "GI Joe" would fit nicely on the observation tower.

    In the background id the "Pool Model" which is about 12 feet long and used for underwater scenes which were filmed in the pool including all of the depth charge scenes.  There were numerous observation towers including a life size one for scenes of "Ocean Spray in the Face."

    My wife in the torpedo room.  The movie set was very realistic and built in a long tube (much like a submarine). 

Periscope and my wife after whacking her head.

Radio room and the famous Enigma Coding Machine on the desk.

Rear of submarine with the pub.

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