There are 5 gas chambers at Dachau; 4 for delousing clothing and one to kill people.  Delousing clothes and bed linen became important due to the spread of lice born typhus.  It takes 3 times the concentration of gas to kill lice than humans.

One of the four de-lousing chambers as it appeared during the war.

      The gassing of humans was perfected by Doctor Rascher at Dachau.  On 9 August 1942, he wrote and asked Himmler for permission  test military gases on people who were destined for the Linz gas chamber.  His rational was that the only data they had on these chemicals was when it was used on animals and from accidents during production.  The gas of choice by the Nazis was Hydrogen Cynide.  It came in pellet form called Zyklon B.   It was manufactured by AEG Farben Industrie and distributed in a tin of 200 grams.

The ceiling were surprisingly low;  about 6 1/2 feet.  There are 16 fake shower heads on the ceiling.  At the time on liberation, this chamber was filled with bodies.  However, Dachau was more of a test area to perfect gassing as it was known at the death camps in Poland.  Many revisionist say there is no gas chamber at Dachau.  Here it is.

     This is the Mortuary Room where such things as removal of gold fillings would take place before cremation.  A British Intell Operative, CPT Best, was locked up with Doctor Rasher (the Dachau Doctor who conducted all of the medical experiments) after he was arrested.  He stated how Doctor Rascher was very proud of his experiments and was sorry that he hadn't perfected the gassing to where all of the people would die simultaneously.  He explained that Himmler was a very kind man and wanted to minimize the anxiety and suffering of those about to be executed.  That is why the Germans went to such great lengths to camouflage the  gas chambers so that the victims wouldn't realize their fate until it was too late.

This is how the mortuary  room looked when the camp was liberated.

Outside drawers were poison pellets would be poured into the shower.  When liberated, there was a wooden screen over this area so people couldn't see them pour in the pellets.  There was also an ample supply of Zyclon B and the log books to annotate the gassings.

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