Point Du Hoc

Normandy France

    Point du Hoc is an amazing place.  It looks like a lunar landscape from the results of American Heavy Bombers and 16 inch Naval artillery.  Bottom line, the Germans had a really, really bad morning.  A must see for a D-Day tourist.

rudderbunker.JPG (100653 bytes)

    This is LTC James Earl Rudder's command bunker.  He was the battalion commander of the 2nd Rangers and led the improbable assault on the Point du Hoc.  He set up his headquarters in this bunker along the cliff in order to minimize the effects of incoming German shells.  He was also a graduate of Texas A&M University as was I.  My children are Aggies as well and will graduate in 2014 and 2017 respectively.  Thumbs up is Aggie speak for A-OK.

Earl Rudder's Statue at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.


Earl Rudder's ID card as displayed in the Corps of Cadet's Museum, College Station, Texas.



Back to Normandy, 1944.........

crater.JPG (107584 bytes)

Did I mention that these shell craters are deep!  

pdh1.JPG (81025 bytes)

    View of the point from above.  This is the side that all 3 Ranger companies scaled.  They were and still are very brave men.

pdh2.JPG (61830 bytes)

    A view from across the point.  The lunar landscape has intermingled smashed bunkers.  Apparently, German concrete is no match for American steel and gunpowder.

pdh3.JPG (108992 bytes)

Remains of concrete bags long since exposed to rain and hardened in the sun.

pdh4.JPG (89553 bytes)

Over the edge.  The beach where the landing crafts approached.

pdh7.JPG (75977 bytes)

    This is the main forward observer bunker hanging over the point.  It has since become unstable due to erosion and is off limits.  On top of it is the memorial to the Rangers.  A new memorial has been constructed in a safe area.  There are still bullet holes around the vents where the last die hards made their stand.

pdh5.JPG (67873 bytes)

View of the same bunker from the rear.  Notice the bullet holes around the round vent opening.


pdh6.JPG (82342 bytes)

    One of the infamous gun positions.  In actuality, the Germans had not yet installed the French guns.  At any rate, we took the point and there was nothing the Germans could do to stop American determination, flexibility, and leadership.  Texas A&M still recognized Earl Rudder as a hero and he has a building, fountain, and the Corps of Cadets Ranger Challenge Team named after him.


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