Omaha Beach

Normandy France

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    Above the cliffs of Omaha Beach is the US American Cemetery.  The first time I visited here, I was sad like the rest of the visitors.  However, it is a place of beauty.  During the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, I had the honor of directing logistics and got to spend about a month here.  After awhile, my attitude changed.  Every night after closing, I would walk the grounds of the fallen heroes.  I now see this cemetery as a glorious place where young, cocky Americans dared invade Europe and spit in the eye of fascism.  When you have the opportunity to thank a vet, take it!  They will not be with us much longer.  Above is a picture of me and SGT Bob Bearden.  He jumped into Normandy with the 1/507th PIR.  He is a long time family friend and I rode motorcycles with his sons in Texas.  I met up with the family at St Mere Eglese.  He was later captured.  See his story under the Wall of Service

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Monument at the front of the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach.

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Invasion Map of the D-Day Landings.

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Sand Sculpture constructed during the 60th Anniversary.


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    1st Infantry Division at the far north of the invasion beach.  The hills were infested with German bunkers and firing positions.  Most of the larger guns faced down the beach making detection and counter battery fire from the sea nearly impossible.  The slit trenches and artillery impacts are still very visible.  

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Monument to the 1st Infantry Division.  We chose this spot for several reenlistment ceremonies and a final awards ceremony.

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    On the left and right of these two brothers are two brothers killed 60 years ago.  They are the basis for the movie Saving Private Ryan.  Every one of these markers not only represents a fallen hero, it also represents a grieving family, mother, wife and children who also made a sacrifice to defeat the Nazi war machine.


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View of beach where the 116th Infantry from the 29th Infantry Division landed on June 6th.  They were torn to pieces by fierce Nazi cross fire.


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View of what the landing forces faced.  These hills were well defended, steep, and mined. 


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Southern most point on Omaha.  You can see the German bunker directly behind the flag pole as well as an Allied Mulberry artificial harbor anchor from which the walkway was built in the years following.



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