British Imperial Air Museum


Located near Cambridge (2 O'Clock position from London and about 60 KMs down the Autobahn), you won't be disappointed.  Many of the aircraft are maintained in flying condition.  Also, nearby is a cemetery containing many of the bomber crew members that lost their lives, but their planes made it back as well as those who were medically evacuated and died in the Allied hospitals in England. 




One of the statues at the cemetary commerating the bomber crew members buried here.


The nose of a B-17

Tail Gunner

The most dangerous position on a B17. Notice the face of Hitler painted on this tail gunner postion.

B 24

Modelsr's delite! The B24 engine exposed.

B 24

Read Steve Ambrose's Wild Blue and you will have a healthy respect for the B-24 and their crews.


B-29 bomber as seen over Japan during WWII.


An American Corsair with British markings. One of the few left in the world still flying.


Believe it or not, this isnt a real plane. It is a mock up as used in the 1961 film, The Battle of Britian. You didn't think they were blowing up real planes back then, did you?

Me 109

A real plane, but I bet there are a couple of engine parts missing under the skin. Lots of parts scroungers at this museum. This display is ripe for the picking.

P-39 Aerocobra

Another rare bird and especially in flying condition. At least it was popular with the Russians when we gave them a couple thousand of the beauties.


The late war, bubble canopy P-47. Air cooled and tough, it was a top notch tank buster and ground attack aircraft. They are keeping this one flying in England.


Early war Mustang. There are less than 50 of these left in the World.


Late war Mustang. Best fighter of the war.


Another beauty. Still getting a make-over.


Classic Spitfire. This one had less than 500 hours on it before it was de-milled due to stress cracks. It has been lovingly brought back to life and it a regular in English airshows.

Flier's Cemetary

Located outside of Cambridge. These are the graves of US servicemen. Most either died of injuries in English hospitals after being evacuated or were bomber aircrews that died while on a mission, but the plane made it back to England. Heros all.

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