Airshow 2008

Lackland AFB

San Antonio, Texas

1-2 NOV 08

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AWACs on display

B-25 nose art

Harrier from VF214 Blacksheep Squadron

Blue Angels on the ground

Blue Angels

Blue Angels

Blue Angels

C 47 "spooky"

C-47 nose art

Zeros turning in for an attack! Tora Tora Tora!

P-39 passes a smoking Zero

The Zero (Texan) has landed

Three American fighters on the flight line.

Glacier Girl after a 3 million dollar restoration. Only 24 of these left in the world and one of a few flying.

Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights

Chute open

Heritage flight with P-40, F-16, F15, and F-22 "Raptor"

Slow down for the little guy!

Beautiful sight!

More of the heritage flight

Opened wide

P-40 Warhawk on the ground

Parking the Warhawk.

F-22 Raptor with weapon bay open.

2 Raptors on the ground.

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