"Band of Brothers"

These are the sites that I have visited that are connected with E Company, 506th PIR

Ambush Site (2010):  If you remember the 2nd episode of BoB entitled "Day of Days" the first engagement was a German horse cart and about 8 soldiers.  Actually, this ambush occurred at this cross road vs the railroad trestle as portrayed in the series.  The T intersection is about 2 miles outside of St Mere Eglise on D423 and D115. 

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Brecourt Manner (2010): At the end of the 2nd episode, the company attacks these fixed artillery positions which are about 5 miles from Utah beach.  At the time, they were bombarding Utah beach and caused most of the casualties taken there among logistics and engineer soldiers.  During the footnotes at the end of the episode, it is mentioned that this assault is still used as the text book example of an assault on a fixed position at the United States Military Academy. 

Sketch of the assault by Dick Winters

Hedgerow at Brecourt. The cannons were located on the other side at the right.

E/506 Memorial at Brecourt just like the one outside of Bastogne.

Casualties of Normandy listed. 1LT Meehan was the commander, but his plane was shot down killing both sticks of paratroopers.

The second list of casualties from Normandy for E/506.

Field to the right of the hedgerow and behind the monument. Location and direction of cannons in pale yellow.

Bastogne and Foy Belgium (2005)

E Co, 506th Memorial 5KM Outside of Bastogne, near Foy


Inscriptions on the Monument

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The Easy Company Woods near Foy and a 61 year old E Co. fighting position.


A large shell crater and another Easy Company fighting position.


The Eagles Nest (Kehlstein Haus) (2010):  This tea house was given to Adolph Hitler for his 50th Birthday.  At the bottom of the mountain is Berchtesgaden.  Halfway up the mountain is the Nazi village known as the Obersalzburg where the top Nazis had their homes to include Hitler, Goring, Bormann, plus a host of SS barracks and defensive perimeter.  While Hitler only went up here a hand full of times due to the fact that he was afraid of heights and had vertigo, Eva Braun often stayed here.  Apparently, having a mistress was somewhat of an embarrassment during certain political and diplomatic events.  In  the last episode, the ridiculously old COL Sink gives the order for 1st battalion to "Take the Eagles Nest" before the frogs get there.  The movie set is very accurate.  Today, you can enjoy a schnitzel and beer up there, but it is only open in the summer due to the ice on the roads.  You can not drive there, you have to take the tour bus.  It is worth it. 

View of eagles nest from the Obersalzburg which is halfway up the mountain.

This is the tunnel entrance which goes into the mountain 100m for an elevator to the top.

Given to Hitler for his 50th birthday in 1938. His 56th birthday was celebrated in his Berlin bunker and was a real blowout (with a Walther PPK).

Bronze door where US soldier from C Co, 20th Engineers scratched his name in 1945.

Soldier from 100th US Division, 1945.

Looking out the 100m tunnel from the end.

End of tunnel leads to this domed room with elevator door.

Inside the very large brass elevator. Notice the 1940s phone.

Fireplace in tea room.

Stairs to kitchen and bar

Inside restraunt. This was the sitting/ tea room during the war. Scene where E Co came in and took a luger off a dead kraut.

Massive windows from tea room.

View of Eagles Nest from the higher peak

This is the gallery where MAJ Winters informs the officers that the Germans have surrendered and the war is over.


Easy Company Browning Owned by Ted D.

This M1922 was put on the market in 1996 by MAJ Dick Winters of the now famous E Co, 1-506th PIR, 101st ABN DIV. The lucky owner also has several photos of MAJ Winters holding this pistol and you can make out the serial number in the pic.  Other pistols owned by MAJ Winters are out there and are going for about 10 times the face value of the pistol, so I would value this Turkish Subay at $3000-$4000.  It is always good to be an officer, but back in the day, you could apparently bring a whole duffle full of pistols back. 

Card signed by MAJ Winters stating that he brought this pistol back from Austria.

Turkish M1922 pistol brought by MAJ Dick Winters following WWII.

Black pebbled leather holster.

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Hitler's Berghof and bunkers below the Obersalzburg (2010): Coming Soon