Blank Firing Non-Gun Brings the Rock and Roll Back to WWII Re-enacting



Attention: SS Room is closed and so is Military Precision; the guys who bought him out.  There is currently no source for blanks, but it is my understanding that several firms are working on them including Atlantic Wall Blanks and Joe Swanson.  There are many pissed off reenactors out there right now, but I am sure that initiative and creativity will prevail. 

This is the Blank Firing Only Non-Gun (BFONG).  The BATF has declared it a non-weapon and hence, it is legal in every state in the Union.  It fires a special 9.3mm blank made from a cut down 5.56 military round at about 650 rounds per minute.  The patented secret?  The BFONG blank shoots backwards towards the firer and there is a gas tube that redirects the blast 180 degrees and out the muzzle nut.  This is no joke; it looks, smells, feels, weighs, flashes, and sounds just like the real thing. 

Look into the chamber, the blank is facing rearwards and the bolt is locked forward.  When the trigger is pulled, the bolt slams to the rear firing the round.  It fires from an open bolt just like a real sub-machine gun.  2nd pic is of the 9.3mm round backwards in the magazine. 

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