Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, "I am a warrior."  Joel 3:10  

Virtual Arms Room

MISSION: The Virtual Arms Room provides the WWII enthusiast, collector, and shooter with basic information on selected martial arms concerning buying tips, firing, field stripping, and history of the firearm.  As a 24 year veteran of the US Army Ordnance Corps, my philosophy is that guns are made to be shot, enjoyed, and maintained.  There is not a single gun in my safe that I have not used to launch lead down range.  This is not a prissy, finicky collector's platform, it is a common sense resource that will allow you to intelligently buy a weapon, know what to look for, and know how to use and maintain it.  Enjoy!

Home Glock No.1 MkIII SMLE Polish AK-74 US M1911A1 Pistol M-1 Carbine M-1 Garand P-38 Pistol Browning 1922 German Flare Pistols MP-40 BFONG T2 MK5 Kell Tec PF9

Disclaimer:  Ol' Army Joel accepts no responsibility for accidents involving improper handling of firearms.  Virtual Arms Room is no substitute for expertise and gun competence.